The versatile world of KUKA small robot

When it comes to compact solutions and payloads of up to 10 kilograms, small robots from KUKA shine out. Our portfolio in the field of small robots impresses with a large number of variants and possible applications. All robots in this class are characterized by impressive precision and speed and combine this with minimal space requirements.

KR DELTA Big performer in a small space

The KR DELTA impresses with speed, precision, range, reliability, versatility – and with its small footprint. This parallel arm robot was created for pick-and-place tasks focusing on short cycle times and the rapid recognition and handling of objects. With a payload capacity of three kilograms, it is ideal for the automation of order picking and packing tasks – for example in the electronics industry. One particular strength of all robots in the KR DELTA family is their low maintenance requirements.The ball joints are self-lubricating and no replacement of the lubricant in the reduction gears is required throughout the entire life cycle.

In addition to the cost-effective standard version, the KR DELTA is also available in the Hygienic Machine variant. In this hygiene robot version, the KR DELTA can also be used in demanding food or medical applications. Here, the entire body of the robot is made of stainless steel. Due to its IP 67 protection rating, it can be cleaned and sterilized with high-pressure cleaners as well as with various industrial chemicals. Both the

materials used for the robot body and those used for lubrication comply with the regulations for food contact materials published by the FDA and in the LFGB.

With flexible DELTA robots – shown here in the HM variant and matching hardware and software, KUKA offers cost effective solutions for automated order picking and packing

  • High speed. The KR DELTA enables extremely short cycle times as fast as 0.32 seconds.
  • Flexible flange. The flange of the KR DELTA is suitable for easy mounting of a wide variety of tools.
  • Large workspace. The industrial robot operates reliably in a cylindrical workspace with a height of 250 Millimeters and a diameter of 1,200 millimeters.
  • Small footprint. The ceiling-mounted robot has an installation area with a diameter of 350 Millimeters.

KR 4 AGILUS New possibilities, shaped from greater functionality

Custom-tailored for maximum performance in production. High performance in any installation position and with minimal space requirements – the KR 4 AGILUS impresses with its compact design, long reach and high precision. The KR 4 AGILUS combines ultra-compact, interference-free design with optimum performance: with a payload capacity of 4 kilograms and a reach of 600 millimeters, the compact robot performs a wide variety of tasks, such as handling and assembly in the electronics industry or in small automation cells. It works reliably and precisely even with the shortest cycle times.

Multi-functional applicability, flexible positioning and unbeatable reliability – the new KR 4 AGILUS pushes back the boundaries of technical feasibility in small robotics.With a payload of up to 3 kilograms, it impresses with a top cycle time as fast as 0.4 seconds*. Whether handling, continuous-path motion or working with pinpoint accuracy – the KR 4 AGILUS simplifies the automation of compact and ultra-compact cells. Flexible in installation, highly precise in motion, economical in maintenance. With just one type of robot, your applications will sustainably reach new levels of performance and efficiency. For maximum performance over the entire temperature range between 0 and 55 °C. Furthermore, the KR 4 AGILUS has an internally-routed media supply for air, power and data, enabling the quick and easy integration of peripheral devices. As a robot of the latest generation, the KR 4 AGILUS operates with the KR C5 micro, incorporating state-of-the-art control technology from KUKA. In order to solve and control tasks more efficiently and intuitively.

Speed. Cycle times as fast as 0.4 seconds

Durability. Suitable for use in the temperature range from 0 to 55 °C, equipped with protection rating IP 40 and ESD protection

Precision. Repeatability of 0.02 millimeters and improved continuous-path accuracy 

Integrated energy supply system. Compatible with most supply systems

4 × 4 compressed air

1 × M12 8-pin (24 V, 2 A)

1 × M12 8-pin Ethernet (optional)

  • Utmost flexibility. Compact, interference-free design, flexible installation position and various interfaces for peripheral devices.
  • ESD protection. As standard, the robot is protected against uncontrolled electrostatic charging or discharging and is thus equipped for the safe handling of sensitive electronic components.
  • Maximum reliability. Particularly long service life and low servicing and maintenance requirements, e.g. thanks to fewer steps when exchanging cables
  • Simple operation. Control via KR C5 micro and operation via the KUKA smartPAD

KR AGILUS. Custom-tailored for maximum performance in production.

The KR AGILUS sixx is our compact six-axis robot designed for particularly high working speeds. Different versions, installationpositions, reaches and payloads transform the small robot into a precision artist. 

The KR AGILUS stands out due to its versatility that enables you to tap new fields of application. Irrespective of the installation position – whether on the floor, ceiling or wall – it achieves the utmost precision in confined spaces thanks to its integrated energy supply system and the new KR C5 micro controller. The Safe Robot functionality paves the way for innovative automation concepts. With a wide range of variants for operation in clean rooms or potentially explosive environments, or with a particularly hygienic or splash-proof design: every version of the KR AGILUS is always precise and fast.

Hygienic Machine variant. The KR AGILUS is available as a

Hygienic Machine. The design and the materials used in this

variant are absolutely hygienic. This allows it to be used in

applications involving direct contact with food and pharmaceutical


Waterproof variant (IP 67). In the Waterproof variant, the

KR AGILUS is splash-proof from all sides and achieves maximum

performance even in the case of extreme external production

conditions. Stable stainless steel covers have replaced

plastic parts, and resistant surface treatments and additional

seals in the interior of the small robot enable it to be used in a

machine tool environment, for example.

Cleanroom variant. The KR AGILUS CR is suitable for use in

clean rooms and meets the requirements of cleanroom class

ISO 2. The KR AGILUS CR can thus be perfectly integrated into

the smallest of spaces and complex applications with high

cleanliness requirements.

EX variant. The KR AGILUS can be adapted to even the most

extreme environmental conditions: with the KR AGILUS EX,

we have added explosion protection to the Waterproof variant.

With this design, the KR AGILUS can also work with maximum

precision in potentially explosive environments (zone 2).

Also, there are several solution that we could provide. For any questions please contact us by 

Phone: 099-794-9599 (K.Sophon)

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