Vijeo Designer

Vijeo Designer

Classic Configuration software

HMI configuration software


Dedicated to Harmony and Magelis HMI configuration, Vijeo Designer software is a standout performer.

  • Remote access to your HMI thanks to the apps Vijeo Design’Air and Vijeo Design’Air Plus : * Vijeo Design’Air enables you to Connect to your HMI remotely for an interactive mirror view of your application
    * Vijeo Design’Air Plus, enable you to get a fully operable view of your application from wherever you are
  • Video view and record function 
  • View your images in real time from a camera connected to Harmony GTU with Open Box or Harmony iPC 
  • Encoding/ decoding of your sequences with recording on demand in AVI format on your Harmony GTU or Harmony iPC. 
  • Simultaneous viewing of recorded and real time sequences 
  • Display of the third party MPEG format streaming on Harmony iPC
Simplify your maintenance operations
  • Web Gate remote access function: handle your HMI applications via a simple internet navigator using architecture Ethernet. 
  • User-friendly data exchange thanks to the Data Manager function
  • Self download from FTP server to transfer a new project
Intelligent Data Service add-on
  • Full and safe processes, compliant with the traceability requirements of the FDA 21 CFR part 11 norm thanks to dynamic dashboards or report printing: traceability of the key values of the process and of the operator’s actions, IDV secured file format


  • Simple or complex machine builders (automotive, electronic components, pharmaceutic products, chemical).
  • Tertiary industry and infrastructure: building, food and beverage, water and waste treatment.