Modula Slim

Modula Slim

Dynamic Storage Without Fixed Heights and with Truly SLIM Depth

Modula’s SLIM is the smart choice for anyone looking for a vertical automated storage solution with complete flexibility. The same technology found in our LIFT model, but in a much smaller footprint. You can store all the materials and products in your SLIM modules, such as loose materials, containers (boxes, bins, cartons, cases), small items, spare parts, coils, bottles, and more.

Quick to Install. Easy to Use.

Modula’s SLIM is built on a preassembled base module which is easy to ship and quick to install. This means that this VLM can be set up in your plant and ready in 48 hours. It modulates SLIM also integrates easily with your company’s ERP system thanks to the Modula WMS (Warehouse Management System). It’s not easy to install, but it’s easy for your operators to work with the SLIM module. They will use an intuitive touch screen interface that is ergonomically integrated into the bay, like the pick complete button, EKS reader, LED bar etc. The staff of the SLIM and you can start realizing ROI with the incredible picking speed increase at your facility. 

Total payload is up to 55.115 lbs with 22.96 ft in height and no more than 66 ”in depth.

What can Modula SLIM do for you?

  • Recovers floor space, optimizing storage density
  • Reducing picking times
  • Makes materials accessible to operators, quickly and ergonomically
  • Keeps stock levels and inventory inventory under control
  • Integrates easily into your company processes by communicating with any ERP system
  • Tracks picking and restocking operations , controlling who has access and logs their activity
  • Eliminating picking and restocking errors by guiding the operator through the entire process
Unit heights from 7’ 10 1/2” (2,400 mm) to 22 ft 11.5 in (7,000 mm)
Unit height increments on 3.9 in (100 mm)
Tray storage adjustability 1 in (25 mm)
Tray widths 51.18 in – 74.80 in – 98.42 in (1,300 – 1,900 – 2,500 mm)
Tray depths 16.73 in (425 mm)
Net tray payload capacities 771.618 lbs
Net unit load capacity 55,115 lbs
Maximum height of stored materials 25.6 in (650 mm)
Throughput up to 190 trays/hr (depending on the configuration)
Operator interface 10.4” touch screen industrial console (Copilot)
Type of bays internal with single delivery level
Number of Bays 1
Minimal energy consumption 1.2 kW/h for SLIM 1.3 model, H=22 ft 11.5 in