Variable speed drives for high performance machines

Part of Altivar
Altivar Machine ATV340, a variable speed drive designed for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that engineer high performance applications for 3 phase motors with or without sensor from 0.75 to 75 kW (1 to 100Hp).


Designed for optimized installation, the Altivar Machine ATV340 drive offers cutting edge application control and advanced, easy to integrate automation capabilities. Its innovative features make it the drive of choice for OEMs entering – and rising to the challenges of – the smart machine era. The Altivar Machine ATV340 variable speed drives offer top level automation capabilities and outstanding motor control technology combined with simplicity. Altivar Machine ATV340 was engineered to maximize machine performance, reduce machine build time and sustain machine productivity.


High performance application requirement and superior automation capabilities for

  • Packaging,
  • Material Working,
  • Material Handling,
  • Hoisting machine segments.