SIMATIC HMI – Efficient to a new level

From machine level visualization to SCADA systems – a portfolio that always meets your requirements

Panel based HMI

Basic HMI Panel

Simple visualization tasks economically realized

The devices offer a brilliant display quality and high-power visualization. This significantly facilitates the operation even of simple machines and equipment. Through turnkey and flexible solutions, you also save valuable time during installation and engineering.


Comfort HMI Panel

Panel based – Demanding tasks realized with a high level of convenience

SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels are designed for implementation of high-performance visualization applications on the machine-level. High performance, functionality and numerous integrated interfaces offer the greatest convenience in high-end applications.


Mobile Panel

Power and safety in your hands

The device versions with an emergency stop/stop pushbutton on the top and an acknowledgment button on the back of the device permit a flexible configuration of the safety solution.
The emergency stop button is only active and illuminated in red when the device is connected to a safety circuit via the connection box.


Unified Comfort Panel

The new SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels with high performance and latest technology.

The SIMATIC HMI Unified Comfort Panels allow you to implement innovative operating concepts, both now and in the future.

  • Ease operation with Multitouch
  • Siemens Industrial Edge-enabled


PC based HMI & SCADA


PC-based Advanced HMI – Efficient realization of most demanding and complex HMI tasks.

If production places particularly high demands on the quantity and type of information that must be processed and documented, a PC-based system is recommended. It offers the appropriate options for sufficient storage space, processing power, and data connectivity.

Use WinCC Advanced (TIA Portal) Engineering Software and the separate Runtime Software Packages WinCC Advanced (TIA Portal) Runtime for PC-based machine level HMI.

SIMATIC WinCC Professional

The SCADA system inside TIA Portal

With WinCC Professional, Siemens offers a SCADA system which is perfectly integrated in the TIA Portal and with which you are optimally prepared today for the requirements of the increasing digitalization of production processes. The PC-based operator control and monitoring system for visualization and operator control of processes, production flows, machines and plants in all sectors – from the simple single-user station through to distributed multi-user systems and cross-location solutions with web clients.
The systems functionality can be further expanded by employing options for WinCC RT Professional or SCADA options.


SIMATIC WinCC Unified System – from visualization up to vertical integration

SIMATIC WinCC Unified is a completely new visualization system that enables you to successfully master the challenges of digitization in machine and plant engineering. The latest web and edge technologies combined with open interfaces enable you to implement your ideas flexibly and according to application-specific requirements.
Thanks to HTML5 and SVG support, the visualization opens up many new opportunities you can use with the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal), easily and efficiently. 


The scalable and open SCADA system for maximum plant transparency and productivity

With SIMATIC WinCC V7, you choose an innovative, scalable process-visualization system with numerous high-performance functions for monitoring automated processes. Whether in a single-user system or a distributed multi-user system with redundant servers, you will benefit from an open system that offers complete functionality for all industries and for highly complex visualization tasks and for SCADA applications, for example with redundant solutions and vertical integration extending up to plant intelligence solutions.

SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) Engineering Software

WinCC (TIA Portal) is the software for all HMI applications, ranging from the simplest operation solutions with Basic Panels to SCADA applications on PC-based multiuser systems. The SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) Engineering Software is available in the WinCC Basic, WinCC Comfort, WinCC Advanced, and WinCC Professional versions.

WinCC Advanced and WinCC Professional are also available as separate Runtime Software Packages that can be expanded by means of options.



The core component of a well-designed system architecture

With the SCADA system SIMATIC WinCC V7, Siemens offers an innovative, scalable process-visualization system with numerous high-performance functions for monitoring automated processes. Whether in a single-user system or a distributed multi-user system with redundant servers, the system offers complete functionality for all industries and features optimum openness.



SIMATIC WinCC Unified PC is the fundamentally redesigned visualization software in TIA Portal.

SIMATIC WinCC Unified is scalable – from a single-user system to complex, distributed applications. With one unified software platform based on native web technologies, WinCC Unified already meets the requirements for a visualization system of the future.

  • native web technologies (vector graphic)
  • object-oriented engineering approach


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