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Distribution business has been doing business with a focus on growth business expansion in the distribution of industrial electrical goods by the most important thing is to develop and build strength for distribution channels which is the heart of the company. Moreover, the company will aim to build partnerships, strengthen relationships with partners to expand services and pioneer new markets.

Sonepar Thailand offers access to more than 15,000 products and the most reputable brands, as well as customized sourcing in best cost countries.Our sales and technical people master our applications and we are delighted to build appropriate product solution to match your needs.

Thanks to our large selection of products and our logistic capabilities, we guarantee fast delivery of quality products. We strive to meet your expectations and make your business more efficient.

                            2,000 Skus on stock

        Reliable daily sales and technical support

Full core supply, including electrical distribution, wiring devices, lighting products, cables, conduits, tools

Day+1 delivery in urban areas, Day+3 maximum for stocked items in our covered territories

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